Asphalt Mix Design

Marshall asphalt mix design is the process of finding right proportions of bitumen, and fine and course aggregates that make enable a mix to achieve a set of target parameter. Solidbase has the expertise to design quality and economical asphalt.

There is more thought that goes into asphalt mix designs than do concrete ones. Determining an optimum asphalt blend involves various laboratory tests, calculations, and determinations to find the optimum mix proportions. It is important for a concrete mix to have the correct proportions. An asphalt trial mix will verify the Marshall characteristics and other properties of a proposed mix. Trial mixes are often undertaken when new materials or admixtures are to be used or as and when requested for approval by a client. Trials are also undertaken when setting up batch data. They are important for mix optimization and economical production of asphalt. 

Our approach takes into consideration the unique challenges that are posed by the local construction industry, and use of local aggregates.

Our operatives sample and test all raw materials. The results of which are punched into our in-house developed software which proposes a mix design. Our trained and experienced laboratory technicians carry out the trials. Resultant samples are then tested to determine the various properties of the designed mix.

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